Natalie's Profile

Name: Natalie
Nickname: Natalie, Nat or Sparkle Beast
Birthday: May 26, 1988
Age: 19
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Favorite Subject: Patterning and Costume Design
Least Favorite Subject: Math!
Favorite Food: BBQ!
Least Favorite Food: Cauliflower
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Gem: Emerald or Opal
Favorite Sport: Lacrosse
Favorite Animal: Hamster
School: Local University
Hobbies: Sewing, Design, Cosplay, Jewelry making, Bead work, playing scary video games
Strong Points: Beading and creativity. My clear vision for the future!
Has Trouble With: Working on one project at a time and staying organized!
Dream: To become a seamstress, work on and design many costumes at my own will, marry and live happily and comfortably.