Kayoshin's Profile

Name: Claudia
Nickname: Kayoshin/Shaina
Birthday: May 22
Age: 38
Astrological Sign: Gemini and snake in chinese zodiac
Blood Type: O+
Favorite Subject: I finished school since a lot of years ^^
Least Favorite Subject: My work >_<
Favorite Food: My granny's gnocchi, pasta, sushi, sour & sweet pork and rice
Least Favorite Food: Green vegetables in general and coconut >_<
Favorite Color: Pink and tourquoise
Favorite Gem: Amber
Favorite Sport: Horse riding and martial arts
Favorite Animal: Cats and rabbits
Hobbies: Watching anime, reading manga and books in general, studing japanese, travelling, eating, sewing, japanese culture and my cats! ^^
Strong Points: I believe too much in friendship and love!!!
Has Trouble With: False people who don't tell you the things in your face, stupid and arrogant people who pretends to be always right!!! They simply disgust me!!!
Dream: Make a trip to Japan and be a good modelist