Meet the Staff

Crissy is a 25 year old cosplayer/webmistress/secretary living and working in New York City. She enjoys cosplaying, drinking absinthe and watching truly awful movies with her boyfriend Louis, playing video games, and the gray hairs she gets with the creation of each new webpage.
Stephanie is a 20 year old cosplayer/webmistress/student from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She enjoys sewing, cooking, cosplaying, designing clothing, playing video games, and watching anime. She and her boyfriend, Peter, spend lots of time together goofing off and playing the Sims 2. She lives with her parents and her cats Sylvester, Maxine, Thor, and Luna. Her favorite anime include Sailor Moon, Utena, Spirited Away, and Hellsing. And Pepsi is her drink of choice, and cheesecake is her weakness.
Patti is a thirysomething year old cosplayer who refuses to grow up. She has many hobbies, including, drawing, reading, costuming, role playing, writing and flirting - much to her girlfriend, Stephanie's, annoyance. She and her beautiful girlfriend live in sunny Florida, where she can be found hard at work (or hardly working) at her data entry job at a major corporation based out of Saint Petersburg.
Steph is a 21 year old cosplayer whose cosplay career started in her hometown of Denver, Colorado in 2002. She likes to stay busy with writing poetry, costuming, web and graphic design, and role playing. Steph moved to sunny St Petersburg, Florida in 2004 to be with her wonderful girlfriend, Patti, where she is a full time dental assistant.

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