Got a Revolutionary Girl Utena costume that you'd love to show off? We'd love to feature it on our site! Just make sure you have the following things in your submission:

  1. We only accept canon characters and outfits from the Revolutionary Girl Utena show, movie, manga, and other licensed properties (such as the video game and the musical.) You may send us costumes that we don't have a page for yet (such as Chigusa or Aiko), but we don't accept fan characters. We accept "casual wear" outfits that were seen in the show, but not "casual" outfits that were inspired by what the characters might wear.

  2. You must send at least one picture of yourself in costume. We must be able to tell which costume you are wearing in at least one photo (headshots are fine, but please do not send us only one photo of your face. That is not a cosplay photo, that is you in a wig.)

  3. If you want to send us pictures of other people (including group shots that you are in), you MUST send us their e-mail address so that we may ask them permission, or have them contact us with the same information requested here. Do not tell us we have their permission, we have to get it from them in writing. Plus, we would like to ask them questions that we are asking you.

  4. We will accept more than one picture of course, but please don't send us a whole gallery. Make your own page with a ton of pictures of you, and we'll be happy to display a few of you with a link to that page.

  5. If you deliberately posed for a photo to match an official artwork image, please do send that along! We love matching photos.

  6. We will put your pictures on the page of the character you are dressed as with your e-mail address, a link to a profile page if you fill out a profile (preferred, not necessary), and a link to your homepage if you have one (your homepage does not have to be either cosplay or Utena related. However, we will not link to pornographic or offensive material. This is a G-rated site.) Also, please include an out-of-costume photograph of yourself for us to crop into a "headshot". If you don't have an out-of-costume photo, we can crop one of the cosplay ones. Lastly, if someone else made your costume, we would like the person's e-mail address, both so that your costumer can receive credit, and so that others might order costumes from the same person, and a link to the tailor's homepage if they have one.

    The profile questions are as follows:

    Blood Type:
    What Grade Would You Be In Ohtori?:
    What Color Would Your Dueling Rose be?:
    Astrological Sign:
    Ruling Planet:

So, in summary, we need: Photos, your e-mail, profile, your homepage, and if you didn't make your costume yourself, your costumer's e-mail and his/her homepage. If you have any questions, you may e-mail one of us (Stephanie - Patti - Steph - Crissy - Rhi), or leave us a question at our LiveJournal.

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