Lydia Deetz

"'Lydia: Are you a ghost too?
Betelgeuse : I'm a ghost with the most, babe."

Lydia Deetz - wedding dress

Beetle Juice

Made by: Anime Angel Blue - October 2009

Appeared: Halloween 2009

Status: Active

I had already won Best Female, Sexiest Female, and Most Creative at the Crew Spooktacular; barring Best Male and Sexiest Male (which, while I'm technically not ineligible for, I'm not really sure I'd want to win), there was only one award left for me to strive for: Best Couple. Louis and I had talked a lot about different couples we could portray, it wasn't until we started watching our Halloween movies that the perfect inspiration came to us.

Sure, I could've thrown on some black clothes and called myself Lydia, but what's the fun in that? The giant poofy red wedding dress (Of Doom) is, I think, much more recognizable. It was just an added bonus that I had gotten married a few months before, in a relatively subdued dress; this would give me a chance to reuse my crinoline and be a big puffy walking disaster just like every other bride.

Pro-tip: it's exactly as irritating as you're imagining.

At any rate, the dress and veil were made (on relatively short notice, too, thank you so much!) by Anime Angel Blue, the wig was recycled from Louis's Edward Scissorhands wig which was already recycled from my Death wig, so yay for getting our money's worth, and styled by my Aunt Diane. It was only after the dress arrived that I realized the picture I had been using (above) as my reference must have been a promotional shot; apparently in the movie the dress is sleeveless and Lydia is wearing opera-length red gloves. Ah, well. C'est la vie.

And, for the record, we won Best Couple. :)



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